Class A2 crash course

Class A2 (crash course)

Minimum age:

• 18 Jahre

Inclusion classes:

A1, AM

Vorbesitz: –

• Motorbikes (including those with sidecars) with (a) an engine power not exceeding 35 kW and (b) a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0,2 kW/kg which are not derived from a motorbike with an engine power exceeding 70 kW.

Motorbike (A18)

We recommend Louis, the shop is only a few minutes away from us and offers a huge selection of motorbike clothing and motorbike helmets. *No commercial use 

Protective clothing:

The Biker School unfortunately, cannot provide any protective equipment at the moment.

Therefore, please bring your own protective equipment.

• Motorbike jacket with protectors
Motorbike trousers with protectors
Motorbike gloves
Motorbike boots (at least ankle-high)